$4 billion for new NEC B&P Tunnel

October 8, 2015

B&P Tunnel plan would cost $4 billion

Proposals still under consideration to replace the aged Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel with a new railroad tunnel network arcing north would cost about $4 billion.Website Insert 5000 New Seats copy

Planners have no pots of money reserved to carry out the project after a $60 million study phase concludes in 2017. But they say the cost is necessary to replace the 140-year-old tunnel with a rail route that can hold up for a century to come.

“We don’t build tunnels every year,” said Jacqueline Thorne, a project manager at the Maryland Department of Transportation who spoke at a Tuesday public outreach session on newly narrowed down B&P Tunnel Project plans. “We want to build it so it lasts at least a hundred years.”

Reporter Rick Seltzer has the full story in the Baltimore Business Journal by clicking here.

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