5 things Miami-Dade officials learned about transportation on visit to Denver

August 14, 2015

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce led a visit to Denver the first week of August to study its efficient public transportation system for practices that can be applied to alleviate our traffic-clogged streets.

Mitchell Bierman, chair of the chamber’s transportation committee and an attorney at Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman, said he came away impressed at how Denver transformed its transportation network in a relatively short period of time. The city has a mix of light rail, buses and routes that are pedestrian and bicycle friendly that feed into transit stations.

“We are ripe for these kinds of improvements but in the last few years we haven’t gotten them off the ground,” Bierman said. “We are at a point where our traffic problems will have a negative impact on our ability to grow and attract new business and talent to our community because people don’t feel like the can thrive in a community where you have to have a car., and where a trip between home and work can take 90 minutes to two hours.”

Here are five things Bierman said Miami-Dade officials took away from the visit:

For the full list of five things read reporter Brian Bandell’s story in the South Florida Business Journal by clicking here.

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