A final helping of Amtrak’s “Swedish Meatball”

May 26, 2016

Written by  William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief, Railway Age Magazine

You know you’re getting old when a locomotive that has hauled passenger trains on which you’ve ridden as a adult winds up in a museum.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

I used to take my sons, when they were little (they’re driving now—another mark of “dear old dad”) to the Strasburg Rail Road and Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania to ride behind steam locomotives and gaze in awe upon the massive, streamlined albeit static, silent countenance of a GGI electric. In the 1960s, growing up in Newark, N.J., my dad used to take me for rides on Newark City Subway PCC cars down to Penn Station Newark, where we’d watch Pennsylvania Railroad trains hauled by GGIs pull in. At age five or so, I didn’t know what they were, and I didn’t understand that I couldn’t see the wheels because of the high-level platforms.

Today, a trip to Strasburg and the museum will get you a look at an AEM-7 electric, which was, until replaced by the Siemens ACS-64 not too long ago, the mainstay of Amtrak services in the Northeast Corridor for 37 years, amassing more than 220 million miles.

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