All Aboard Florida ticketing 15 months off

October 15, 2015

All Aboard Florida trains with all-reserved seats in various sitting arrangements and sizes are to be delivered here in the third quarter of next year and be ready to start carrying passengers at the outset of 2017, President and Chief Development Officer Michael Reininger says.

“The minute we’re in service” the new railroad line will be looking for ways to expand and enlarge its services, Mr. Reininger told a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce lunch last week in answer to questions about serving more points in Florida than are now planned.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

The new rail line is to run from the downtown Miami point where Henry Flagler planted the city’s main station on his Florida East Coast Railway more than a century ago through new All Aboard Florida station developments in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach to the northern terminus at Orlando International Airport, Mr. Reininger said.

Asked by chamber members whether the railroad would go to other Florida cities some day, he said some are more likely than others. Jacksonville, he explained, was on the Flagler railway’s route that All Aboard Florida controls so it’s easier. Tampa is “important and desirable” but it’s harder to reach because the infrastructure base does not exist, though it’s among “important expansion opportunities.”

Asked by a frequent traveler to the state capital about trains to Tallahassee, Mr. Reininger said quickly “that’s very challenging” and after a pause added to applause “I wonder if we can move the state capital to Miami?”

The initial runs from Miami will be to Fort Lauderdale in 26 minutes and to West Palm Beach in less than an hour, Mr. Reininger said. The Miami-Orlando run is planned at about three hours, he said.

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