All Aboard The Authentication Train – A Look At Amtrak’s Journey

April 27, 2016


While advancements to digital commerce and authentication technology have revolutionized a number of industries, one where their influence is perhaps most visible in the travel sector. The ease and efficiency of purchasing airline tickets and transit passes digitally – and storing them as eTickets – means that the majority of travelers now begin their journey with an online transaction.Website Insert Coach Business Class Food Service copy

But because cutting-edge mobile devices have achieved ubiquity in today’s society, it’s easy to forget that most people weren’t perpetually equipped with smartphones and tablets less than a decade ago. As a growing number of people traded in their antenna-sporting flip phones for sleek, Internet-accessible mobile devices, however, airlines pioneered the shift toward digital payments and passes. Other major players in the travel industry, like Amtrak, had no choice but to get on board (so to speak) or get left behind.

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