All Aboard: The World’s Best Train Rides — and Why You Should Take Them

July 28, 2015

The 20th century ruined train travel for most of us. What with the introduction of the automobile into mainstream transport and our use of the no-longer-glam air travel as the transport du jour, trains have become relics, an odd option reserved for suburban commuters and teenage backpackers in Europe. However, for many a route around the globe, trains remain the top travel choice (and, sometimes, only point of contact with the outside world). For there is no other method of transport more mysterious, romantic, or inspiring than the train. A train ride means the start of an adventure — not a trip but a journey. Here are some of our favourite rail routes, ranked by distance, time and relevance. In short: It’s all you need to start off your locomotive daydreaming. Choo choo.


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