American land-based traffic and travel profile – 2015

April 5, 2016

By Alan Kandel, Air Quality Matters

It just so happens I heard on one network T.V. news broadcast (most likely last year at the beginning of December) that during the end of 2015 for the holiday season that 100 million Americans – almost one-in-three U.S. citizens – were expected to be traveling. At the time it was estimated that between Dec. 18 and the first of the New Year, 91.3 million Americans would take to the roads, 5.3 million to the skies, with the difference, or 3.4 million, traveling via various other means. Of course, some overlapping of mode use is to be expected here. And, that is just for the end-of-year travel picture.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

With the nation’s unemployment rate weighing in at somewhere around 5 percent at 2015’s close, this should suggest an economy much recovered from that of the height of the Great Recession when the percentage of those unemployed reached into the double digits.

Over the entire 2015 year, that driving in America hit an all-time record high of 3.148 trillion cumulative miles, this is what one would expect during times of economic stability. Expected also is a rise in transit ridership over that in 2014, but, admittedly, this did not happen.

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