Amtrak delayed in Newport News, Virginia following mechanical issues

November 13, 2015

An Amtrak train traveling from Boston to Newport News was delayed nearly four hours due to mechanical issues Thursday night, an official said.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

The Northeast Regional Train 95 was scheduled to arrive in Newport News at 6:52 p.m., but the train stopped about in the northern section of the city, said spokeswoman Kimberly Woods.

Beverly Williams, a former Daily Press staff member, boarded the train with her mother at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

She said the train was about 30 minutes behind schedule leaving Union Station and that unscheduled stops were made on the journey.

“They let us know a couple of times we had to stop to fix the cable issue,” Williams said. “I felt bad for the crew, they were keeping us updated as possible. It was out of their control.”

The train stopped for about an hour at the Staples Mill Road station in Richmond, where maintenance crews worked on the train.

Williams said everything was fine until the train arrived at Williamsburg.

“When the train pulled out of the station it was crawling,” she said. “As slow as I walk with the cane I could beat it.”

The train came to a halt about 8:30 p.m. near Lee Hall, about 15 miles away from the Newport News Amtrak station.

“My brother was at the station and called me saying it looks like y’all aren’t going anywhere,” Williams said. “The crew has reached their maximum hours.”

Daily Press reporter Jonathan Black has the full story by clicking here.

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