Amtrak from Cleveland, Ohio: Is it clean, is it safe and how’s the food?

October 13, 2015

QUESTION: My husband and I recently had to cancel a flight to New York City because of a dental emergency. We decided to try Amtrak, and will be going in late October from Cleveland to Penn Station for some sightseeing.

This will be our first trip on Amtrak. A coworker regularly takes Amtrak from Cleveland to Rochester, and says the coach seats are so dirty that she brings a sheet to sit on and her own pillow. She also said the food is awful. I hope this is not what awaits us.Website Insert New Passenger Train Service copy

She also said she worries about security, as there is no passenger screening. Is this true? Another coworker said the roomette (sleeper) cars are cleaner and better for a long trip, but they are more expensive, and we have booked coach seats for this trip. He also said he brings his own food.

Can you give us general advice to make this trip as pleasant as possible?

— Jane, Cleveland

Read the answer and full story from writer Susan Glaser of The Cleveland Plain Dealer by clicking here.


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