Tale of the tape: Amtrak is more comfortable than airlines

November 6, 2014

Bill McGee writes for USA Today:

Last week I traveled to Washington, D.C., to discuss the state of the airline industry in a public meeting at the U.S. Department of Transportation. I got there by Amtrak.

No, it’s not an ironic statement. It’s simply the most sensible way for me to travel from New England to the nation’s capital. I save time, money, hassles and I can pack any size liquids and gels I like. But most of all I know I’ll have an unimpeded personal work space, with a comfortable seat, no need for a Knee Defender, fairly consistent Wi-Fi access and no fighting for overhead bin space.

Little wonder I’m not alone…

U.S. airline cabins are fuller than ever, while seat width and seat pitch (legroom) have gotten tighter… No matter how you measure it, passengers are feeling the squeeze…

Airline executives like to suggest you “vote with your feet” if you’re unhappy with a particular carrier’s service. But what if you’re unhappy with the entire industry? Some readers clearly are at that point, and instead are choosing Amtrak or Greyhound and other bus lines…

Read the rest of the story in USA Today, 5 November 2014.

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