Amtrak, or why a dollar ticket was a horrible bargain

September 27, 2015

I think I mentioned that a couple weeks ago I took the Cherub on Amtrak when we came home from a visit to the Equuschick in Nebraska.  I really loved it.  We paid for a roomette, which came with all meals included, and it was fantastic.  It was peaceful, relaxing, pleasant, even refreshing.  Except for a couple minor glitches which come with traveling with a disabled child, the entire journey was actually a treat to be enjoyed instead of something burdensome to be endured.  Having been tethered, essentially, by my PTSD, at long last I started planning other train trips. I could do this, I thought.  It’s easier on me than highway driving or plane travel (which requires driving the highway to get to the airport, and then there’s the take-off and landings, which are so upsetting, I have opened my eyes to see a stewardess eyeing me with concern and beginning to unbuckle her seatbelt to see what I’m up to).   I thought I could start up selling used books again more diligently, finish up a couple writing projects (Benedict’s Rule of Order for Families), and make at least one trip a year, maybe two, to visit friends in Seattle, in Texas, a daughter in New York and more.  Last week, while rattling on with her about how delightful it was, I made tentative plans to go via train with a friend to Charleston to visit Mrs. Whaley’s Garden.

But now…. I don’t know.  Amtrak.  I used to love you.  This week, you betrayed me, failed me and let me down badly.  And then you doubled down on it.  I can’t trust you.
As most of my readers know, I have, to put it kindly, issues with being on the highway, the kind of issues that come with a diagnosis by professionals and prescriptions for restricted meds.  It’s hard.
Four of my precious grands live just 45 minutes away (or more, if they are doing construction, oh, look, they are).  And it’s nearly all highway driving on the highway I hate most of all.

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