Amtrak plans upgrades to Maysville, Kentucky station

January 7, 2016


Officials with Amtrak said Wednesday the agency plans to invest more than $500,000 in repairs and upgrades to the Maysville depot.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

In a letter addressed to “Citizens of Maysville,”  Charlie Monte Verde of the Amtrak Government Affairs office in Chicago, said he was responding to concerns about the disrepair of the Maysville facility, brought to his attention through letters addressed to Amtrak.

“We consider the feedback of our Amtrak-served community leaders to be of the highest import, and we understand what having passenger rail service means to a regional anchor such as Maysville,” Verde said.

Complaints of deterioration and an initial lack of response from railway officials prompted the community to get involved in requesting attention be given to renovate the structure.

Maysville resident Charlie Clarke led the charge to have the depot, located on Rosemary Clooney Street, repaired to make it more appealing to not only residents but to those traveling through the city on Amtrak.

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