Amtrak ridership down across state while Galesburg remains steady

December 18, 2015

By Ben Zigterman, The Register-Mail

GALESBURG — While Amtrak numbers were down across the state, Galesburg’s station saw essentially the same number of riders.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

Across the state, Amtrak saw 57,000 fewer riders, while Galesburg saw just 368 fewer riders.

From fiscal year 2014 to 2015, the number of riders in Galesburg dropped from 100,871 to 100,503, according to Amtrak Spokesman Marc Magliari.

“I would not call that a huge change,” Magliari said. “You didn’t have much construction on your route.”

Construction was a major factor for the low numbers across the state.

A good chunk of the state’s decline came from the Chicago–St. Louis route, which saw a 5 percent decline, or 35,000 fewer riders. Meanwhile, for the Chicago–Quincy route, ridership is down 2 percent, or 5,290 riders.

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