Amtrak stop proposed for Ypsilanti, Michigan’s Depot Town

November 16, 2015

Ypsilanti and Amtrak are discussing plans for a train stop in Depot Town.

The stop would be part of Amtrak’s Wolverine line, which runs from Chicago to Pontiac with southeast Michigan stops in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Detroit, Birmingham and Royal Oak.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

In a letter to City Council, the city’s lobbyist, Kirk Profit, wrote that Amtrak is interested in having a train stop in Depot Town, and a letter expressing formal support for the idea is expected sometime in December.

Profit wrote that the state’s passage of a transportation package “clears one of the hurdles necessary for moving forward with the Amtrak stop in Ypsilanti.”

Several city officials also confirmed the plans.

“We’ve been meeting with Amtrak and MDOT on getting the train to stop here,” said Council Member Pete Murdock on Sunday. “We expect to get a response from them very soon.”

But the deal is far from done.

City officials have hesitated to release details. On Friday, City Manager Ralph Lange wrote in an email to the Ann Arbor News, “There is no announcement to be made at this time.” And on Saturday, Mayor Amanda Edmonds told The Ann Arbor News a press release from The Depot Town Merchant’s Association stating that the “train is coming” wasn’t true.

On Sunday, Lange underscored in another email that there are no confirmed plans for a commuter rail line or Amtrak stop.

“At this time, the city of Ypsilanti does not have any confirmation of either rail stops,” Lange wrote.

Read the full story from The Ann Arbor News reporter Tom Perkins by clicking here.

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