Amtrak Switching To Revenue Based Redemptions. Book Now!

August 19, 2015

Assuming you like riding trains, the Amtrak Guest Rewards program offers some exceptional values. Amtrak currently has a zone-based system, and as Amtrak is a transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards it’s easy to accrue point in the program even if you’re not a frequent train rider.

I am definitely not an expert at Amtrak Guest Rewards, and have actually only ridden Amtrak once in my life as part of a really cool Amtrak Adventure for my parents a little over a year ago. In the process of booking that trip, I read just about everything I could find on the loyalty program (and the trains in general), and found it fascinating. It was like a whole new world had been opened up to me, a world which I had hoped to explore more in the coming years.

Well, that world is about to cease to exist. 

A presentation was leaked last week indicating that Amtrak Guest Rewards will implement a revenue based redemption scheme in 2016. Instead, we’ll probably end up with something akin to Southwest Rapid Rewards where every point is worth 1-2 cents toward paid Amtrak tickets. Of course, it’s all being done in the name of simplifying the customer experience and opening up redemption opportunities to the masses. Or some garbage like that.

So if you want to go back in time and experience how people traveled across the country 100 years ago — and I highly recommend it at least once — you need to act quickly if you want to do so using a modest amount of Ultimate Rewards points.

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