Amtrak Train Leaves Door Open Like It Grew Up In A Barn

April 11, 2016

The 3:25 a.m. Amtrak Northeast Regional 67 to Virginia Beach pulled out of Penn Station on time this morning, but at least one set of car doors decided to break protocol and remain ajar while the commuter train sped through the Hudson River tunnel.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

Zayne Savall, 27, took the early-morning 67 to Fredricksburg this morning for a business meeting, and says that he came across the partially-open doors in the vestibule between the second and third train cars. “I stood there for about three minutes before the train conductor got there,” he told us this morning, adding that there were about eight inches of clearance between the train and the tunnel wall, and that the doors were jammed about a quarter of the way open—wide enough for a person to fall through.

Savall said that he was standing there “in awe,” taking pictures, when he noticed the conductor coming along the car to collect tickets. The conductor promised to “take care of it,” and had Savall and two other passengers in the vestibule return to their seats before he moved to close the doors. The problem was fixed by the time Savall passed back through the vestibule, about 45 minutes into the trip.

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