Another step toward more regular Cincinnati-Chicago rail in works

August 14, 2015

The Federal Railroad Administration is expected to soon announce that it will lead the study and planning of new, regional-wide interstate passenger rail networks that could include better service between Cincinnati and Chicago.

The FRA has notified stakeholders and Congress informally that it has chosen the Midwest and Southeast to spend $2.8 million to study and plan rail networks in those two regions.

“Due to the complexities in coordinating among multiple states and other stakeholders, FRA is retaining these funds and leading the planning effort at the federal level, rather than awarding funds to entities through a grant or cooperative agreement,” the notice to Congress says. “In October 2014, FRA solicited statements of interest from states for participating in this FRA-led multi-state planning process.”

The money will be used to “develop a long-term passenger rail vision.”

Cincinnati Business Courier staff reporter and columnist Chris Wetterich has the full story by clicking here.

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