Blacksburg, Virginia Town Council update: affordable housing and Amtrak stations

February 24, 2016

Matt Jones, Town of Blacksburg beat reporter, Collegiate Times

At its regular meeting on Tuesday night, the Blacksburg Town Council heard that plans to bring passenger rail service back to the New River Valley are moving at full steam ahead. The council also voted to put into place an agreement arranged around a year ago to bring more affordable housing to Blacksburg.Website Insert State Supported Passenger Trains copy

The meeting’s consent agenda included a performance agreement with Fieldstone Family Partners Limited Partnership and Fieldstone Senior L.P. The two companies are working to develop a unique apartment complex at the site of the Blacksburg Estates mobile home park. Part of the development will be targeted toward senior citizens; the other will provide affordable housing to families making less than a certain amount per year.

Developers and councilmembers alike hope the development will help alleviate the shortage of affordable housing in Blacksburg. The council agreed last year to providing $1 million in benefits like real estate tax rebates to Fieldstone. The performance agreement voted on Tuesday, Feb. 23 finalized the benefits so that construction can begin. This comes after the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to implement their own benefit system in their meeting on Monday.

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