Brian O’Neill: Pittsburgh could roll with more Amtrak service

April 7, 2016

By Brian O’Neill / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I suffer from locomotive envy.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

It’s an uncommon affliction, exacerbated on a trip to the East Coast over the Easter holiday. There I choo-chooed around on New Jersey Transit, New York subways and the Long Island Railroad and never had to wait very long for the next train.

Then I tried coming home via Amtrak. After first fearing I’d have to wait until Tuesday to return, a cancellation allowed me to snag the last Easter Monday ticket on The Pennsylvanian, the only train to Pittsburgh. Before I could board in Paoli, about 20 miles west of Philadelphia, conductors had to boot a handful of people to make room for me and the college students heading back to Pittsburgh.

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