Bring passenger train to Muskoka, Ontario

June 24, 2016

By Lucille Frith,

Passenger trains servicing Muskoka are not on the Province of Ontario’s radar at the moment but they will be shortly.

Why you may ask?Website Insert Development Finance and Management copy

Because the Ministry of Transportation along with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines are midway through their North Ontario Multimodal Transportation Study (NOMTS), which will “adopt an integrated multimodal approach that considers highway, marine, air, rail, and other modes of transportation. The transportation strategy will include recommended improvements for the movement of people and goods over the next 25 years.”

The strategy is for northern Ontario. Muskoka is between northern and southern Ontario as we all know – federally we are in the north and provincially we are in the south. Where Muskoka will play a part in passenger rail is that both northern and southern Ontario need Muskoka rails to connect the trains. When passenger rail is included in the NOMTS strategy, we will be included by default as all rail goes through Muskoka in Ontario.

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