British trains delayed by wrong kind of sunlight

January 13, 2016

by Chris Matyszczyk, CNET

Despite their often languid demeanor, Brits can be sensitive.

It’s not just the people, though. It’s the machines too, especially the trains.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

Sometimes, trains are delayed because of tree leaves on the line. These, authorities say, create a slippery layer that is dangerous when it covers the rails.

I’ve never, though, heard of trains being delayed because of the wrong sort of sunlight.

Yet the Guardian reports that this was the very reason given for a disruption in services Monday in Lewisham, south London.

Train operator Southeastern Rail took to Twitter to bemoan. “Apologies,” it said, “we are having issues dispatching trains due to the strong sunshine this morning.”

Not everyone associates the UK with strong sunshine, especially in the winter. Southeastern, though, explained on Twitter that “the low winter sun has been hitting the dispatch monitor, which prevents the driver from being able to see.”

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