Business Booming On Amtrak In Missouri, Illinois

July 12, 2013

KTVI’s Roche Madden reports:

Business on Amtrak in Missouri and Illinois has been booming. Folks are parking their cars, skipping the airport and taking the train. More people are boarding the train in St. Louis and going north to Chicago or west to Kansas City than ever before.

Marc Magliari is a spokesman for Amtrak, “Ridership has more than doubled because there are more opportunities for people to arrive, more opportunities for people to go back and forth the same day…”

Ridership has also jumped on the Missouri River Runner, the train from St. Louis to Kansas City. Although there are only two round trips a day people are turning to Amtrak because it`s now dependable…

New cars, new engines and high speed travel is on the way. Marc Magliari said, “In the next five years we`re going to have two 110 mile an hour [corridors] from Chicago: one to St. Louis, and one to Detroit…”

Full text and video in this July 10, 2013 report from KTVI.

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