Calgary Herald Editorial: Staying on track

February 17, 2016

Calgary Herald Editorial Board

Train travel is endearing. It evokes memories of simpler times, but is also very much a part of the future as we look at ways of coaxing people out of their automobiles and into something that can be more environmentally friendly. Website Insert Gathering of Professionals 1 copy

The Town of Banff wants to resurrect passenger train service between Calgary and Lake Louise, part of a route that was abandoned in 1990 due to federal budget cuts. The full line carried scores of passengers from Toronto to Vancouver for more than a century, passing through scenic communities such as Banff along the way. Now, the route travels through Edmonton on its way to the West Coast.

The town has applied to the provincial government for $350,000 so it can determine the feasibility of reviving service along Canadian Pacific Railway’s existing tracks. The submission deserves support, because it offers the prospect of stimulating tourism — something that’s to be encouraged as the energy sector continues to reel from low prices and we look to diversify our economy.

The study would identify any track upgrades necessary and look at building new rail stations in Cochrane, Canmore and Calgary. Most importantly, it would determine how much it would cost to operate the service.

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