California Passenger Rail Summit speaker: High-speed rail is just part of a bigger role for trains in California’s transit future

April 16, 2016

By Jody Meacham,

California is the most car-crazed state in the nation and Orange County is adjacent to its sclerotic, freeway-choked heart.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

But Darrell Johnson, CEO of the Orange County Transportation Authority, believes high-speed rail in the state is making a mistake by selling itself as a fast way to get from the Bay Area to LA when it ought to be seen as a key element of a statewide public transit network with a large rail component that can be cleaner and equally as convenient a travel option as the automobile.

“High-speed rail hasn’t done enough to explain how it will work for the common person,” he told the California Passenger Rail Summit in Los Angeles on Wednesday. “We’re not selling the idea of how easy it is to get out of their vehicle into our vehicle.”

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