Canada by train: A grand lineup of cities

February 16, 2015

From a feature by Alan Solomon in the Chicago Tribune:

You don’t have to take a train to do this route through Canada. But it’s worth it…

Canada? Seem daunting? It’s vast, of course, with forests and prairies, whales, polar and nonpolar bears and its very own set of Rockies.

But Google a map and take a gander at the lower portion of Eastern Canada. Scrunched together and conveniently connected by Via Rail timetables are Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia [with] cities [and] nature linked by VIA Rail, Canada’s Amtrak.

…This [article] is about boarding the train, riding and relaxing for a few hours, de-training at a good place and spending a day or two there (which usually means a couple of meals and an overnight stay), consulting the timetable, then getting back on a subsequent train for a few hours until the next good place…

Read the rest of the story in the Chicago Tribune, 9 February 2015 (Free subscription required)

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