CEO setting sights on Northland goals

August 19, 2015

NIPISSING – Corina Moore has shortened her title, added to her responsibility and earned a lot of respect this past week when she moved from being the interim head of Ontario Northland to the permanent one.

The hometown CEO and president has hit the ground running since taking the helm of the crown corporation last year and has some big goals as Ontario Northland changes again for another generation.

“We’re going to look at every aspect of our business – what we do and how we do it – as all great companies do,” Moore said Thursday in her first interview following the permanent appointment.

What Moore isn’t touting, but is a piece of Canadian history, is her being the first woman to lead a major rail carrier in Canada. The groundbreaking step wasn’t mentioned in the press releases about the appointment, or in the interview with Moore herself.

Instead, Moore was much more focused on where her company needs to go.

Transformation has been the key word for Ontario Northland’s future since Minister Michael Gravelle announced the provincial government was abandoning its plan to dismantle and sell off the 113-year-old rail, telecommunications and passenger service provider to Northeastern Ontario. Moore is keeping it in her vocabulary.

“We have clear financial targets for transformation,” Moore said, noting bringing in more work is just as key as controlling costs.

Fortunately for Moore, those equations weren’t all consuming as her hiring was announced last week. For at least a few moments she was able to see the comments and messages of congratulations from her hometown friends and family in the Almaguin Highlands where she graduated high school and keeps close connections.

“High school is one of the most cherished times that I have. One of the reasons that I’m so happy to be with Ontario Northland is to be able to make sure is remains vibrant and strong and a place for opportunity… I think there are a lot of really smart, great people who left for the south and didn’t come back. This place gave me a chance to come back… I have three kids and I can’t even imagine them leaving.”

Getting there means grabbing more business.

Read the full story by reporter Rob Learn of the North Bay Nipissing News by clicking here.

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