Charlottesville: More trains ‘Problem’ is good to have

May 23, 2014

From having to fight for better passenger train service, the Charlottesville community might, in the foreseeable future, enjoy not one, not two, but three daily trains.

Before the federal reorganization of the passenger train system and Amtrak’s involvement, Charlottesville was one of many stops along a north-south route to Washington, D.C. …the train was so popular, seats were sold out far down the line…

Advocates fought to persuade Amtrak to add a second train serving Virginia, but Amtrak assigned dilapidated rolling stock to the new route, producing an uncomfortable, unappetizing experience that discouraged ridership. The experiment failed.

Then under the Bush administration, the funding process for passenger service was reorganized… this newspaper feared the shift would be detrimental… But for Virginia, the change has been constructive. Virginia operates a public-private partnership with Amtrak that provides passenger service over nine different routes. [To] the original Amtrak train serving Charlottesville… [was added] a train dedicated to the Lynchburg-Washington corridor, which includes Charlottesville. This route has become one of the most successful in the entire nation.

Now there’s talk of adding yet another train…

Read the rest of the story in Charlottesville’s The Daily Progress, 23 May 2014

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