Improve Cincinnati – Chicago trains, advocates say

September 23, 2014

CINCINNATTI − A local transit advocate is attempting to gain regional support for expanding passenger rail service between Cincinnati and Chicago.

…Derek Bauman […the regional director for All Aboard Ohio, a statewide non-profit transit advocacy organization…] so far has won support from some local political leaders for the idea of offering daily, high-speed train service to Chicago, a popular business and leisure destination for Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents.

Bauman and… Pete Witte pitched the idea to the Hamilton County commissioners and regional transportation leaders at a meeting on Monday…

Costs to upgrade Amtrak infrastructure are unknown, and it’s uncertain whether it’s even feasible, Bauman said. First, his mission is to try to generate bi-partisan support from federal, state and local leaders in Ohio and Indiana. He’s at least off to a good start here at home.

“This is without knowing the cost, but just the concept is a great idea,” Cincinnati City Councilwoman Amy Murray said. “With the way airfares are going up and the support we’ve seen for Megabus, high-speed rail on a consistent basis to Chicago could be a game-changer.”

…Columbus, Fort Wayne and seven other Ohio and Indiana cities have officially agreed to work on improving passenger service between Columbus and Chicago, according to central Ohio’s primary transportation planning agency…

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