Wilmington, North Carolina city leaders now accepting proposals for study of rail line move, making trolley system

January 28, 2016

By: Marissa Hundley, WECT 6

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The City of Wilmington is hoping to ease traffic congestion for you. To do that, they’re trying to realign several miles of CSX rail lines — lines that run through city neighborhoods and busy streets. The city wants to create a shorter route to the Port, and possibly a trolley line.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

Before any of that happens, the city has to figure out if this project is even possible. Right now they’re taking proposals to do a feasibility study to find among many other things how much this would cost.

 “The very first priority is to see if it’s even feasible to realign the freight rail,” says Glenn Harbeck, Wilmington Director of Planning, development, and Transportation. “That’s step one.”

The city is contributing $100,000 for a budgeted $300,00 feasibility study. Harbeck says most of the new route would be moved across the river and a new rail bridge would be built.

As for the existing line?

Harbeck says right now, the idea is to have a trolley stem. He says it would help ease traffic congestion, especially with the looming population boom expected in the next few years. Harbeck says, however, there are also other ideas being floated around.

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