City of Tampa lists rail as a major project in Go Hillsborough Plan

April 23, 2016

By Frances McMorris,

Under the Go Hillsborough half-percent sales tax initiative, the city of Tampa estimates that a rail project between downtown and Tampa International Airport would cost it $27 million during the first 10 years of the 30-year transportation plan designed to fund the region’s transportation needs.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

It’s just one of many projects that the city has put forward as part of the controversial Go Hillsborough plan.

“The downtown core demands expanded transportation choices including more bus service, an extended streetcar system, and regional rail,” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn wrote in an April 15 letter to the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners. In encouraging the board to place the 30-year sales tax referendum to fund transportation on the November ballot, Buckhorn said “the percentage and duration of the proposed sales tax is critical to ensure the financial feasibility of Tampa’s proposed project list and provide revenue to afford debt service.”

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