Commentary: New Amtrak train would boost local economy

August 23, 2015

Have you heard about the second Amtrak train for Red Wing?

A daily commuter style train, that would be in addition to the everyday Empire Builder. This second daily would connect Red Wing with St. Paul’s recently restored downtown Union Station and Chicago’s massive Union Station, and many cities along the way through Minnesota and Wisconsin — with a schedule practical for weekday and weekend travel adventurers. I believe this second train needs to be initiated soon. All the factors are in place to make it happen.

The future of rail passenger traffic in our country is all about connectivity. To make it work, more towns need to be added as stops with new high-tech stations. In line the pick-up spots should include: Hastings, Red Wing, Lake City, Wabasha and Winona on the Minnesota side.

Currently, travelers depend on Amtrak’s Empire Builder. Schedules for this train are modified every day as priority is given to critical freight transit on the commercial railroads. The second passenger train would be able to keep schedules so important to planning a long vacation or a single day of urban exploration on the river.

This hopefully new train is going to be an economic engine that will help Red Wing reach all of its wealth potential.

Read commentary author William Hume’s full article in the Redwing Republican Eagle by clicking here.


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