Connecting Traverse City to Ann Arbor via Train: Q&A with MLUI’s Jim Bruckbauer

February 27, 2015

MyNorth interviewed Policy Specialist Jim Bruckbauer about potential passenger trains connecting Traverse City to Ann Arbor:

In recent weeks passenger rail from Traverse City to Ann Arbor has been a hot topic among Michiganders as a new era of modern train travel. Spearheading the Northern Michigan campaign that will connect Ann Arbor to Traverse City by railcar, also known as A2TC, is the Michigan Land Use Institute, a Traverse City based nonprofit advocacy organization that “believes that bringing passenger rail service back to northern Michigan is possible in less than a decade…” Why wouldn’t people exchange the stresses of fluctuating gas prices and uncertain driving weather for a ticket to unwind and enjoy the scenery of Michigan’s landscape from a railcar? We checked in with Policy Specialist Jim Bruckbauer to learn how the campaign is unfolding and how the Northern Michigan community is responding…

Michigan's existing and potential passenger train lines
Jim Bruckbauer discusses Michigan’s existing and potential passenger train lines [MyNorth graphic]

Read the rest of the story in MyNorth, 27 February 2015.

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