Consultant: Ettrick the best option for new Petersburg, Virginia train station

November 5, 2015

A consultant hired by a regional planning group to study the best location for a new Amtrak station in Central Virginia is recommending that the new station be built adjacent to the existing facility in Ettrick.Website Insert Perfect Answer copy

The recommendation by Michael Baker International, the Pittsburgh-based engineering consulting firm that’s leading the study, isn’t the final word on the subject, but it’s welcome news to Chesterfield County officials who have been working to keep the station in Ettrick, where it’s an important component of plans to revitalize that community.

In the final stages of the two-year study, Ettrick was competing with two other locations: one in Colonial Heights off the Boulevard just south of Lakeview Avenue and the other in the Collier Yard area at the southwest end of Petersburg.

In a memo last week, county Transportation Director Jesse Smith told members of the Board of Supervisors, “The Ettrick site is the study consultant’s recommended site.”

The consultant’s recommendation is only part of what federal transportation officials will consider in making a decision. “The final decision regarding the site will be made by the Federal Rail Administration (FRA),” Smith noted. “FRA will review the final environmental assessment report, which will include the study consultant’s recommendation along with public and local government comments.”

Chesterfield Observer News Editor Michael Buettner has the full story by clicking here.



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