Get corridor connections up and running in Michigan

November 18, 2014

…My family is betting hard on southeast Michigan’s future, and I’m proud to be part of a community that understands how much good public transit can do. But I also know that we are far from being done. If southeast Michigan is going to succeed, we need a robust public transit system that serves the entire region…

Local transit service is vitally important, but the next step will be to add fast, efficient corridors linking the major cities in our region.

…We also need to strengthen the corridors that knit together the rest of the region. Thankfully, many of these connections are already moving forward… between Ann Arbor and Howell [WALLY]… and along the entire Woodward corridor from Detroit to Pontiac. The Regional Transit Authority is in the process of starting studies on the Ann Arbor to Detroit (Michigan Avenue) and Detroit to Port Huron (Gratiot Avenue) corridors as well. Efficient inter-city transit will truly revolutionize our region, finally putting the Detroit metro area on par with other major cities.

Critics will argue that public transit costs a lot of money. So does widening highways…

Read the rest of the article by Gillian Ream Gainsley in the Detroit Free Press, 17 November 2014.

(Article originally published in Concentrate)

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