Creative thinking may help with St. Cloud, Minnesota area needs

July 19, 2015

“THINK. DO. MAKE A difference.”

That’s what St. Cloud State’s motto encourages its students to do.

“St. Cloud State prepares students for life, work and citizenship in the 21st century. In our rigorous academic programs, students apply their knowledge in real-world settings,” claims SCSU’s website.

Putting its motto to the test, and its claim that its students will learn to apply their knowledge in “real-world” settings, SCSU might suggest their students “THINK” about and find practical solutions to these local concerns:

Declining SCSU enrollments resulting in budget shortfalls, faculty/staff freezes and potential future layoffs, underutilized classroom space, and empty dormitories.

Rebuilding Tech High School on the outskirts of town (the south side would lose a neighborhood school) at a burdensome estimated cost of over $111 million.

Extending Northstar Commuter Rail (NCR) to St. Cloud. Costly track repairs, (alleged) low ridership numbers, and plans to develop high speed rail to Rochester and Duluth are presumed reasons for the extension delay.

Funding expansion of existing businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, and providing St. Cloud residents with good paying jobs.


Read the full story by Corinne (Cory) Becker of Sauk Rapids in the St. Cloud Times by clicking here.

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