Cuomo on paying for Amtrak tunnel fix: No

August 10, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday further distanced himself from the problems plaguing the only rail tunnel connecting Midtown Manhattan to New Jersey, where much of Midtown’s office workers live.

“It’s not my tunnel!” said Cuomo during an unrelated press conference at his own Midtown office. “Why don’t you pay for it? It’s not my tunnel. It is an Amtrak tunnel that is used by Amtrak and by New Jersey Transit.”

Amtrak and the federal government want New York and New Jersey to chip in to help replace the more than century-old, two-track rail tunnel to Penn Station. It’s owned by Amtrak, but the vast majority of trains that run through it are operated by New Jersey Transit.

It was already in sorry shape when Hurricane Sandy inundated it with brackish water, depositing salts that continue to gnaw away at its concrete and steel.

Dana Rubenstein of Politico has the full story by clicking here.

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