DC Metro Exec Says Dangerous Incidents ‘Will’ Keep Occurring

April 26, 2016

By Steve Birr, The Daily Caller News Foundation

A track fire caused stress on the D.C. Metro Saturday as passengers had to be evacuated off a train for the second time in under two weeks, and Metro’s leader says it will continue to happen if the federal government doesn’t hand over more money.Website Insert 5000 New Seats copy

Metro Chairman Jack Evans is currently requesting $300 million from Congress to help balance their budget sheet, and $1 billion annually from local governments to conduct the necessary repairs to keep the system running. Evans, who told Congress in April, “next time something happens, I’m blaming you guys,” said Monday safety threats will persist until the money flows, reports WTOP.

“Metro has serious problems – the infrastructure, the maintenance, the finances,” Evans, a D.C. Council member, told WTOP. “If we do nothing, if we don’t address this, then it will continue to have problems. The system is wearing out. As it wears out, we have more of these incidents.”

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