Department of Transportation commits funds to multi-state railroad planning in Missouri

September 9, 2015

Jefferson City – Sen. David Pearce reported the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration is committing $2,780,651 in funding to facilitate multi-state railroad planning in Missouri and several other Midwest states.

The administration will use the funds to enhance passenger railroad network with updated data to help enhance the system, new mapping and more, Pearce reported.

“For Missourians this means there is the opportunity to update the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative’s infrastructure,” Pearce said. “The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission will be looking at things like how the state supported routes can work better together given recent improvements and new railroad programs.”

The last updates to the overall program was completed around 2004 and since then there have been many changes, Pearce reported. The commission’s look into the current system will revisit all aspects, including ridership, revenue, market analysis, economic impact and more. Overall one of their main goals and accomplishments of this planning will be the development of a new business plan. Pearce is one of five Missouri delegates on the commission.

“Basically, it will redefine today’s system and then look at alternatives to several different options for future expansion and changes of the Midwest system,” Pearce said. “With much needed updates the passenger rail system in Missouri will continue to flourish for years to come.”

Read the full story in The Daily Star-Journal by clicking here.


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