Detroit’s iconic Michigan Central Station moves closer to rehabbing

April 29, 2015

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and the Moroun family announced an agreement today that would bring about improvements to Riverside Park and a face-lift to Michigan Central Station, the iconic, vacant train station near Corktown.

Under the agreement, the city will get 5 acres of Moroun-owned riverfront land and trade 3 acres of city land to Moroun, Duggan and Matt Moroun — the son of Manuel (Matty) Moroun, who owns the Ambassador Bridge said today. In exchange, the Morouns will replace all of the windows in the Michigan Central Station by Dec. 31. The city will also get $3 million up front, and an additional $2 million should the state approve the transfer of land.

City Council must approve the deeding of city-owed land to a private party, and the state must approve the swap to make sure it’s equitable.

Matty Moroun reportedly has sought access to Riverside Park to further his plans to build a second span between Detroit and Canada.

In March, Moroun signaled he was still pursuing a twin span. His lawyers filed a notice to appeal a federal court decision to throw out a complaint against the Coast Guard, which has rejected his company’s permit for a twin span.

Read the full story from Joe Guillen of the Detroit Free Press by clicking here.

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