Diversion the destination on Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer train

October 29, 2015

As the seven-car blue and gold train chugged out of the North Vancouver station, people began streaming from their homes to greet us. A middle-aged man in his bathrobe, a cup of coffee in one hand, waved jovially from his deck. A woman wearing a shower cap hung out her window, jumping and waving at the same time.

“There’s Nina,” one of the train’s female attendants announced into a microphone. “She’s out on her balcony waving at us every time we go by.” A few minutes later, she added, “And any second now we should be seeing Mr. Carter — oh, there he is. Everyone, wave to Mr. Carter.”Website Insert Our Name Tells Our Story copy

Despite the jubilation caused by the train’s appearance, no one on board (that I knew of, anyway) was a celebrity, monarch or leader of a nation. It’s the train itself that lures people out of their homes or to hang out of their windows and wave with glee at the sight of it.

Spectacular scenery

Rocky Mountaineer, a private rail company started in 1990, leisurely transports travelers to and from various destinations around the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. But the destination is not the point. The train etches its way through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, revealing some of the planet’s most spectacular scenery. (The new season begins in April, but booking well in advance is strongly encouraged.)

David Farley, writing for SFGATE has the full story by clicking here.


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