Do London Underground trains travel too fast for their own good?

September 28, 2015

As passengers we all know the frustration of a slow moving train, but a new report has proposed that to be more efficient London Underground’s tube trains should actually lower their speeds permanently. A brand new mathematical study is claiming that the Tube’s network is in danger of becoming too fast and efficient and urges the network to follow New York’s example and slow their trains down. This might sound counter-productive but the numbers argue that if journey’s are too fast, relative to going by road, then this causes an increase in congestion levels. This is because of the layout of the London tube network, with its many intersections and stations where people change lines causing bottlenecks and creating delays.Website Insert Our Name Tells Our Story copy

In contrast, the report draws parallels with the New York subway where due to the design, such bottlenecks are less likely to occur.

The newly released findings in Interface, the journal of the Royal Society have researchers calculating that London’s system would function best with underground trains travelling at about 1.2 times faster than the average speed on the roads. This makes the optimum Tube speed approximately 13mph (21km/h) significantly below the current average is 21mph (33km/h).

Read the full story from Smart Rail World by clicking here.


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