Editorial – Iowa: The end of the line

June 27, 2016

By Quad-City Times editorial board

The Quad-Cities could be a hub for passenger rail. That’s if Gov. Terry Branstad and state lawmakers would bother investing in the Iowa side.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner last week succumbed to incessant heat from federal officials and lawmakers. Nearly $200 million in federal cash, the foundation of the buildout of the Amtrak line between Moline and Chicago, was, and is, suddenly in doubt. The state has for years declined to commit to its portion. Countless states would love to take the $177 million off U.S. Transportation Department’s hands.

But in finally declaring its intent to fund the Illinois’ portion, Rauner took the first step toward keeping the federal grant in the Quad-Cities. It’s more than you can say about Iowa.

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