It is time to expand the 20-year-old map of Midwestern core routes

November 13, 2014

Mr. Coston explains how it is time to expand the now-20-year-old map of Midwestern core routes:

James-Coston-Corridor-Capital-MIPRC-Member-Letter-to-the-FRA…FRA’s guidance is needed… The existing planned skeletal system with its only hub at Chicago does not address the needs of peripheral corridors with the potential not only to become self-sustaining, but to contribute substantial incremental ridership and revenues to the original regional system. The Ohio 3-C Corridor (Cleveland-Columbus-Cincinnati), a north-south corridor linking the Twin Cities with Kansas City and Omaha via Des Moines, and corridors linking Kansas City with Springfield, Wichita and Omaha need to become part of the planning process. In Michigan, the “Coast-the-Coast” corridor linking Holland, Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit merits serious study because it would link the state’s primary industrial centers as well as its three biggest university communities on a single alignment. The Midwest is simply too large geographically for all principal cities to be served out of Chicago. It is time for studies of a more comprehensive system to begin…

Letter by James Coston of Corridor Capital, MIPRC Member, to the FRA, 12 November 2014. (PDF, 2 pages)

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