Feds ask seekers for new Ann Arbor, Michigan Amtrak station to consider magnificent original 19th Century Michigan Central Station

February 1, 2015

From M LIVE, Sunday, February 1, 2015:

Could the castle-like building that houses the Gandy Dancer restaurant in Ann Arbor return to its former glory as a rail depot?

That’s an idea the city and its consultants are now exploring at the request of the federal government.

Eli Cooper, the city’s transportation program manager, said the Federal Railroad Administration has asked the city’s project team to give further consideration to the historic Michigan Central Railroad Depot as a future train station option.

“They requested the same level of concept planning and cost estimation as the other sites remaining in the analysis,” Cooper said, referencing the fact that the city still is studying a site on Fuller Road and the existing Amtrak site on Depot Street.

“Our team has been busy crafting those concepts, costs and evaluating the implications of this alternative,” he said. “The work is ongoing.”

The Romanesque-style depot, built in 1886 and opened in 1887, was converted into the upscale seafood restaurant known as the Gandy Dancer around 1970.

The city has been exploring options for building a new train station for several years, citing concerns about the ability of the existing Amtrak station on Depot Street, immediately to the west of the Gandy Dancer, to handle growing passenger volumes. A new Amtrak station would replace the Amtrak station that was built in 1983.

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