Five questions with Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen on Banff’s congestion problem

March 9, 2016

By JEFF LEWIS, CALGARY — The Globe and Mail

Mayor Karen Sorensen is looking to Banff’s past to solve a very modern – and unlikely – problem afflicting the scenic mountain town: congestion. In peak summer months, she says, the roads are clogged with cars. Her answer is to revive passenger rail service from Calgary through to Lake Louise, Alta. The town is seeking $350,000 in provincial funding to study the option.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

Where did this idea come from?

We are in a situation here where we’re really anxious to start moving people and not cars. And we have still lots of room in Banff and lots of room in the national park for hikers and cyclists and skiers and visitors, but Banff’s local road network is at capacity almost every day in July and August. We know that in 2015, six million vehicles entered and exited the townsite, and that was an increase from the year before of 9 per cent. And I think, too, if people have been to Lake Louise as well during those very busy times, they’re finding the same thing.

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