For the love of New York’s subways: The 7 train extension is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier

September 13, 2015

Kiss the closing doors.

I love our subways. The most thrilling thing for me about today’s launch of the No. 7 line extension to Hudson Yards is simply that it means more subway. The 660 track miles in passenger service are now 661.5 miles. Our 468 stations are now 469, thanks to the beautiful new end-of-the-line stop at 11th Avenue and West 34th Street.

Take that, London Underground, with your measly 270 stations and 250 miles! And of course, unlike London’s, our subways don’t shut down at midnight.Website Insert Turnkey Packages copy

When the MTA dispatches the first No. 7 train bound for the new station from Flushing today at 1:07 p.m., it, of course, marks a great milestone for the city. The extension from Times Square to Hudson Yards brings the Far West Side, preening with new development and the High Line Park’s northern terminus, in easy reach of everyone.

But to me, the inauguration strikes a more emotional chord. I’ve always been crazy about the subways, even in the dark decades when they were filled with graffiti, non-opening doors and muggers everywhere.

Today’s trains are merely dirty, overcrowded, sometimes exasperating but rarely scary. I like them much better this way.

Read New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo’s full column by clicking here.


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