Forcing issue on Hoosier State line

January 16, 2015

The January 16, 2015 Editorial in the Lafayette (Indiana) Journal & Courier says “the Hoosier State is worth saving”:

How long the Hoosier State, a passenger rail line that comes through Lafayette four days a week, can hang on with piecemealed funding is anyone’s guess.

But the Hoosier State passenger rail line seems to have been living on borrowed time, facing yet another funding deadline at the end of January…

But, finally, there’s a show of good faith in the form of House Bill 1217. The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Randy Truitt, R-West Lafayette, proposes to put a $3 million line item into the INDOT budget to keep the Hoosier State running…

Also from the editorial: “To follow progress of the Hoosier State line funding bill, go to and scroll down to House Bill 1217.”

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