Free VIA from ‘limited access’ CN tracks with its own $3B corridor from Toronto to Montreal: report

February 26, 2016

By Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen, in National Post

OTTAWA – A sweeping review of Canada’s transportation system recommends major changes to Via Rail operations in Canada, including using federal dollars and legislative powers to separate freight and passenger rail networks to allow for a dedicated Montreal-to-Toronto corridor, and consider eliminating subsidies for Toronto-Vancouver service.Website Insert Cars and Financing copy

The government tabled Thursday a report from an expert panel chaired by former federal cabinet minister David Emerson that makes dozens of recommendations for changes to Canada’s transportation system.

The panel recommends the federal government “improve the fluidity” of passenger rail services in Canada by separating passenger and freight rail networks. It also calls on the federal government and Via Rail to work with the private sector to secure financing for rail network improvements that could limit the cost to the public purse and ensure a dedicated passenger track happens “much sooner.”

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