Gateway Rail Services Acquires Granite City Passenger Terminal

May 11, 2015

Gateway Rail Services has been a long-time host to much of the Corridor Capital Hi-Level fleet in storage. As the fleet is mobilized, Corridor Capital looks forward to utilizing the high level of skills and services provided by the professional workforce of Gateway to remanufacture the Hi-Level fleet to Age Zero, making it the most contemporary and passenger-friendly fleet in modern use, along with providing a benchmark in crew safety.

Expanded Service Offering Will Benefit Clients

Madison, Ill — May 11, 2015: Gateway Rail Services will now offer expanded services to its clients with the acquisition of Granite City Passenger Terminal, a warehouse and railcar storage facility in nearby Granite City, Illinois.

Granite City Passenger Terminal has furnished short and long term storage, with electric power and utilities, to railcar owners since 2010. In addition, a 75,000 square-foot warehouse offers storage capabilities for railroad customers and other industries.

“We’re excited to provide these additional options for our clients,” said Roger Verbeeren, President and General Manager. “On top of our cooperative work force providing quality railcar service, we can now offer railcar storage on over 6,000 feet of rail in our yard. We have almost five acres of open land space and easily accessible warehouse space for lease to any type of business.”

The full story is at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


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