How Metro Plans to Reinvent Los Angeles Union Station From Transit Hub to Urban Destination

April 12, 2016

By Laura J. Nelson, McClatchy News Service in Mass Transit Magazine

On busy mornings, thousands of travelers pass through Los Angeles Union Station, rushing toward the Metro subway and pushing suitcases across polished tile floors.Website Insert Passenger Trains Very Well copy

But the energy doesn’t last. By early afternoon on a recent weekday, just a few dozen people lingered in the station’s iconic waiting area, resting on buttery leather chairs and gazing at the ceiling’s painted beams. Others watched as the sunshine played across the roped-off ticketing hall.

“It’s so peaceful, like an old library,” said Jen Arthur, 38, as she waited to board a train to San Diego. Her toddler daughters drummed their heels against the chair and giggled. Still, she said, “we wish there were a little more to do.”

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